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Auteur : David Szulkin
Année : 1997
Editeur : Fab Press
Nombre de pages : 208
Couleur : Couleur, N/B
Langue : Anglais

Quatrième de couverture : Wes Craven is well known to modern audiences as the director of classic horror films such as The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street and the massive international hit Scream. Long before any of these landmarks, Craven began his career in fear with a notorious, controversial low-budget shocker called LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.
Produced by Friday the 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT was a movie that broke the rules...and the bank.
A disturbing, gritty tale of sadistic violence and devastating revenge, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT became one of the most influential cult classics of all time. It was the movie that assulted audiences with the terrifying roar of a chainsaw two years before The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it was the original celluloid nightmare that requiered audiences to keep repeating : It's Only a Movie...It's Only a Movie...It's Only a Movie...It's Only a Movie...
David A. Sulzkin's book tells the inside story of the making of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT through in-depth interviews, rare photographs and extensive research. Featuring stills from unreleased out takes and commentary from Wes Craven, this book is the definitive record of one of the most legendary, iconoclastic horror movies in history.
LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remains one of Wes Craven's most powerful and unique films. Rough, raw and irreverent, it is banned in Britain to this day for its unflinching portrait of murder and mayhem. Attacked by censors and often reviled by critics, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is all the more noteworthy in retrospect for its pioneering, prescient contribution to the "splatter" film tradition. Those who wish to know where and how it all began need look no further than this book.


- To avoid fainting, keep repeating : It's Only a Movie...Only a Movie...Only a movie
- Planning The Sex Crime of the Century
- Babes in the Woods : a crash course in guerilla film making
- Cutting, Slashing, Slicing and Dicing
- Krug plays a mean guitar : The Musical Score
- The Launching of a Thousand Lunches
- Now You See it, Now You don't : In Search of the Uncensored
- Rips-Offs and Rehashes
- Last Thoughts on the House
- Appendix I : Selected Filmographies
- Appendix II : The Shooting Schedule
- Appendix III : Original Ending as shown in the Night of Vengeance script
- Appendix IV : Props and Equipment list for Night of Vengeance shoot
- Appendix V : Krug & Company vs Last House on the Left
- Index

Cette version, la première éditée, est totalement épuisée. Le livre est néanmoins ressortie en Juin 2000 avec une nouvelle couverture et ce second tirage est toujours disponible.

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