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Auteur : David J. Skal
Année : 1993
Editeur : Plexus Publishing Limited
Nombre de pages : 432
Couleur : N/B
Langue : Anglais

Quatrième de couverture : Every one is in love with horror, with demon children, gender bending vampires, and the battlefield aesthetic of post-Vietnam movies. Horror entertainment in all its forms - from Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Phatom of the Opéra to Stephen King, Anne Rice and The Terminator, from Tod Browning's Freaks to the photographs of Diane Arbus and the neoGothic trappings of heavy metal music - is a multi-billion dollar cultural juggernaut. This provocative book uncovers the surprising links between horror entertainment and the greater social crises of our time, as well as horror's function as a pop analogue to surrealism and other artistic movements.
With penetrating social analysis and revealing anecdote David Skal chronicles one of our most popular and pervasive modes of cultural expression. The result is a compulsively readable inquiry into the current obsession with the macabre.
David Skal, the author of Hollywood Gothic, has written the most ambitious and entertaining history of the genre ever published.


- Introduction : a sideshow in camelot

- Chapter 1 : Tod Browning's America
- Chapter 2 : "You will become Caligari" : Monsters, Mountebanks, and Modernism
- Chapter 3 : Dread and Circuses
- Chapter 4 : The Monster and Mr. Liveright
- Chapter 5 : 1931 - The American Abyss
- Chapter 6 : Angry Villagers
- Chapter 7 : "I used to know your Daddy" : The Horrors of War, part two
- Chapter 8 : Drive-ins are ghoul's best friend - Horror in the Fifties
- Chapter 9 : The Graveyard Bash
- Chapter 10 : It's Alive, I'm afraid
- Chapter 11 : Scar Wars
- Chapter 12 : Rotten Blood
- Chapter 13 : The Dance of Dearth
- Chapter 14 : The Monster Millenium

- Acknowledgements
- Notes
- Index

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