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Auteur : Lawrence McCallum
Année : 1998
Editeur : McFarland & Co Inc.
Nombre de pages : 280
Couleur : N/B
Langue : Anglais

Quatrième de couverture : Until I Vampiri (The Vampires) in 1956, Italian filmmakers generally eschewed horror in favor of fantasy films and big screen spectacles. In the 1960s, the subject became as varied as the filmmakers, ranging from the comic strip flavor of the Wild Wild Planet (1966) to the surrealistic mixture of horror and social commentary of Fellini's "Toby Damnit" segment of Spirits of the Dead (1969).
Arranged by English title, each entry included Italian title, studio, running time, year of release, work the film is based on (when appropriate), and cast and credits. These data are followed by a lenghty essay, blending a plot synopsis with critical commentary and behind-the-scenes information.
Chicagoan Lawrence McCallum has written for such publications as Filmfax, Scary Monsters and The Scream Factory.


- Acknowledgements
- Introduction

- An Angel for Satan
- Assignment Terror
- Atlas in the land of the Cyclops
- Atom Age Vampire
- Black Sabbath
- Black Sunday
- Blood and black lace
- The bloody pit of horror
- Caltiki, the immortal monster
- Castle of blood
- Castle of the living dead
- The embalmer
- The evil eye
- Fangs of the living dead
- The ghost
- Ghosts, Italian style
- Ghosts of Rome
- The giant of Metropolis
- Goliath against the Giants
- Goliath and the dragon
- Goliath and the vampires
- Hatchet for a honeymoon
- Hercules against the moon men
- Hercules and the captive women
- Hercules in haunted world
- The horrible Dr. Hichcock
- Horror castle
- Isabel, duchess of the devils
- Kill baby kill
- The last man on Earth
- Libido
- The long hair of death
- Mill of the stone women
- The Minotaur, wild beast of Crete
- The murder clinic
- My friend, Jekyll
- Nightmare castle
- Planet of the vampires
- The planet against us
- The playgirls and the vampire
- The possessed
- Satanik
- Sex party
- She beast
- Slaughter of the vampires
- Snow Devils
- Spirits of the Dead
- Terror creatures
- From the grave
- Terror in the crypt
- The thief of Baghdad
- Uncle was a vampire
- The unnaturals
- The vampire and the ballerina
- The vampire of the Opéra
- Venus in fur
- War of the zombies
- Werewolf in a girl's dormitory
- What !
- The wild, wild planet
- The witch
- The witch's curse
- The young, the Evil and the Savage

- Appendix : chronological list of films
- Bibliography
- Index

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