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Auteur : Bill Warren
Année : 2000
Editeur : Titan Books
Nombre de pages : 272
Couleur : N/B
Langue : Anglais

Quatrième de couverture : In 1982, a low-budget movie was released that captured the imagination of its audience, and grew and grew to become the cult phenomenon that is...The Evil Dead.
In this long-awaited companion to Sam Raimi's groundbreaking The Evil Dead, famous for its gleeful splatter effects and gruesome gallows humour, respected critic Bill Warren takes us behind the scens of the making of all three movies, including Evil dead 2 and Army of Darkness. Charting the path of long-suffering hero Ash, played by bruce Campbell, The Evil Dead Companion is the first and only authorised history of the series, revealing hitherto untold horrors and featuring : Exclisve interviews with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and key cast and crew; Scores of previously unpublished behind the scenes photographs; Posters, storyboards, rare merchandise, The Book of the Dead and Tom Sullivan's own special effects pictures; Bruce Campbell's commentary on all three films ; A complete listing of Sam Raimi and Campbell's earliest work together; Harrowing tales of hardship, discomfort and practical jokes...


- The Curtain Goes Up : Blood in the Aisles

- Young Blood
- You must Taste Blood to be a Man
- Hot Coffee and Cold Blood
- Keeping the Blood Flowing
- Blood on the Screen
- Blood will Tell
- Strange Blood
- Blood on the Screen 2
- Dark Blood
- Ancient Blood
- Bloos still in the Veins
- The Evil Dead
- Evil Dead 2
- Army of Darkness

- Glossary
- Filmographies
- Index
- Bibliography

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